How to remove duplicates in Microsoft Excel

How to remove duplicates in Microsoft ExcelMicrosoft Excel is a very powerful document processing tool especially when it comes to making reports, calculations and storing a database for any particular project. However, at times, while creating an excel spreadsheet people often face challenges and make errors due to duplicate values in your data.

Thankfully, Microsoft Excel comes with a feature that allows users to find duplicate values and remove them. Follow our step-by-step guide to find and remove duplicate values in Excel spreadsheets.

Do note that deleting duplicates will permanently remove these values.

How to find and remove duplicates in Excel
Select the cells for which you want to look for duplicate values

Click on Home and head to Conditional Formatting option

Here, choose Duplicate Values option under Highlight Cells Rules section

Now, pick the formatting you want to apply for duplicate values and click on Ok

Once the values are highlighted, select the range of cells that has duplicate values

Click on Data and select Remove Duplicates and check or uncheck the columns where you want to remove the duplicate values.

Click Ok to apply the changes